10 steps to starting your own consultancy

Break the paradigm. When the job market’s tough it‘s a good time to think about how you can package, position and market yourself as a consultant. It‘s easy to do and has surprising benefits, but is not without its dangers. This presentation and/or workshop covers the basics of creating a profitable consultancy as a launch pad for long-term business success, or as a new path to full-time employment with a company or organization. The objective is to give people the working knowledge they need to craft a consultancy.

5 keys to creating and communicating your personal and professional brand

Many people assume that a resume, cover letter a new suit and some interviewing skills will carry the day for them. That‘s all good, but often they miss the opportunity to clearly identify their core strength and personal vision and mission as a professional. They do if for others, but sometimes neglect to apply it to themselves. This presentation was designed originally for creative people struggling to define themselves clearly as professionals, but is easily customized to all fields and disciplines. The objective is to give an individual the tools and framework to clearly define their value to an organization.

Navigating Asian Language

The conundrum of communicating to Asian partners from the U.S. is the time zone difference. Most Asian countries are 11 to 14 hours in advance of U.S. time zones. The result is a heavy dependence on email communication for day to day business activity. Unfortunately, the differences between English and Asian languages is complex and the resulting English communication that is shared is often misunderstood. This presentation and/or workshop is designed to educate professionals on specifically what to do, and what to avoid when crafting written communication to Asian partners who speak English as a second language. After working 2 years on the ground in Asia; 14 hours a day with Asian translators on a range of subjects I have identified a fast-track training program that has immediate results. The objective is to heighten sensitivity to the nuances of English communication with Asian partners.

Navigating Asian Language

Techniques for producing ideas

Card carrying creative people are under intense pressure to create ideas and many of their tricks, short-cuts and techniques can be applied by professionals across disciplines. This presentation identifies and outlines many simple tasks, and some insightful ways to create roles within a group to catalyze ideas. The objective is to leave people with the feeling that they have some specific tools and techniques they can use in the future to accelerate the development and capture of ideas.