Brand Identity

What is your brand personality, and most importantly—how do you define your relationship with your customers or clients?

A clearly defined brand identity is one of the key components of brand-position.

Do you really know who you are and how you should behave as a brand?  And are you respecting the key brand elements and trade-dress that build equity.  The fictional example below hints at the danger of poor or inconsistent brand stewardship.

Brand Identity

Brand Personality

Brand personality is a foundation component of brand identity. If defined properly it can lead to a tone-of-voice, and a clearly defined look and style.

Just as important is the relationship that a brand has with its customers or clients, and how that relationship is described and maintained.

Our process results in a published set of brand guidelines that describe and outline all of the key components of a brand that can be shared with both employees and external partners and suppliers.

This includes:

  • Brand Position
  • Brand Essence
  • Brand Manifesto
  • Brand Pyramid
  • Brand naming and Trade-Dress for logo development