Are you a Product or Service?

Is your brand defined by a product or service and are you sure it‘s not both? We take a 360 view of your company and define it across dimensions and use-occasions verifying ways that your product and/or service is perceived.

We also identify and assess those elements that surround your product‘s perception
and create new opportunity for sales and lead generation.

This includes both business-to-consumer interactions and the business-to-business transactions that must often take place for a company to compete successfully.

We often like to think of our products as special and unique based solely on their functional benefits. In fact, most products and the brands behind them have a complex relationship with customers and suppliers that at least needs to be understood and defined on an emotional and self-expressive level to succeed.

Brand Identity

What is your brand personality, and most importantly—how do you define your relationship with your customers or clients?

A clearly defined brand identity is one of the key components of brand-position.

Do you really know who you are and how you should behave as a brand?  And are you respecting the key brand elements and trade-dress that build equity.  The fictional example below hints at the danger of poor or inconsistent brand stewardship.

Brand Identity

Brand Personality

Brand personality is a foundation component of brand identity. If defined properly it can lead to a tone-of-voice, and a clearly defined look and style.

Just as important is the relationship that a brand has with its customers or clients, and how that relationship is described and maintained.

Our process results in a published set of brand guidelines that describe and outline all of the key components of a brand that can be shared with both employees and external partners and suppliers.

This includes:

  • Brand Position
  • Brand Essence
  • Brand Manifesto
  • Brand Pyramid
  • Brand naming and Trade-Dress for logo development